The quest to contribute to a more sustainable world is gradually taking hold in all industries and the restaurant world is no exception. In fact, according to a study presented by
more than 60% of the stores in Chile have some kind of recycling system to separate, reuse and/or recycle the waste they generate. While this is a step forward, there are many other aspects that can help a restaurant operate in a more environmentally friendly way. What else can be done? Here we share four tips that everyone should implement to protect the planet.

Efficient use of water and energy. This is a key point because these resources are used intensively in its operation. Keeping equipment in good condition, disconnecting all machinery that is not being used and implementing technological solutions, such as light sensors, are excellent measures. We must not forget that around three billion people suffer from water scarcity in the world, a situation that will worsen in the coming decades.

Consider better packaging formats. Along with the care of natural resources, it is essential to consider packaging that does not harm the environment. In this context, multiple options have emerged that take advantage of the circular economy. This is the case of
a Chilean company that recycles PET plastic from beverage, water and juice bottles to transform it into raw material that gives life to new containers suitable for fresh fruit, bakery products and food in general. The great advantage is that they can be recycled again and involve 30% less CO2 emissions in their manufacture.

No to food waste. Incredible as it may seem, the world wastes 17% of its food while 811 million people suffer from hunger. That is why it is very important that every restaurant reviews and analyzes the amount of food it is throwing away, which products are influencing this and reviews ways to regulate this problem. At the same time, it is advisable to seek a path of social impact such as establishing donations or food spaces for people in more vulnerable situations.

Plastic-free kitchens. The fight against plastic should not only take place at the delivery stage, but also at the time of cooking, preferring alternatives that are more environmentally conscious. That is the proposal of
I Am Not Plastic
a national start up that has a complete line of 100% compostable products aimed at restaurants. Vacuum sealing bags, cling film and pastry bags, among others, that biodegrade in 180 days are part of its proposal.

You already know, if you have a restaurant, put these tips into practice. And if you are a customer, reward with your consumption those who take care of the planet!